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Windows (x64 / x86)



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max. 0,4 GB


Freeware (1 year)


Renga 3D Architecture (Education)


Renga Architecture's interface is focused on making design comfortable, and on making all tools available in 3D. For the utmost in creativity, users are provided with an unrestricted 3D space in which to design. As our purpose is to allow users to work comfortably in a 3D environment, we made the deliberate choice of ensuring all tools needed to solve design problems work in 3D mode. You have the freedom to handle any number of levels and floors, and can access the most popular element types effortlessly, along with the tools to modify them. With each command is a variety of views, types, and styles for solving serious issues in the design of buildings made of complex architectural forms. Nevertheless, a 2D design mode is available in Renga Architecture that shows the plan view of any level, yet does not restrict users in terms of functionality. While working in plan mode, you continue to build the 3D model of the project.