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C3D Kernel (Datasheet)


C3D Kernel is a software development toolkit responsible for constructing and editing geometric models. Computer-aided design systems (CAD) are the most widely known software that require modeling kernels like C3D. Modeling kernels are also used systems such as computerized manufacturing (CAM) and engineering (CAE).

All CAD, CAM, and CAE systems share the same geometric model, which provides the following functions:

  • Describing the shapes of modeled objects
  • Maintaining relations between model elements
  • Recording the history of model construction
  • Adding attributes to geometric model elements

The C3D kernel from C3D Labs is today the only modeling kernel that incorporates all four modules critical to CAD: 2D/3D modeling, 2D/3D constraint solving, 3D visualization, and file conversion.

C3D kernel builds geometric models from existing and virtual objects, performs geometric calculations, and creates connections between the elements of geometric models. The kernel handles geometric models made in third-party applications, and exports geometry to other computer-aided design systems.

C3D comprises of a dynamic-link library, a demo application complete with source code, technical documentation, and additional support files for compatibility with many integrated development environments (IDE).

C3D Labs provides the following modules critical to developing modern 2D/3D CAD, CAM, and CAE systems:

  • C3D Geometric Kernel (C3D Modeler) builds geometric models and performs geometry calculations
  • C3D Parametric Kernel (C3D Solver) creates and maintains connections between elements of geometric models using dimensions and constraints
  • C3D B-Shaper Module (C3D B-Shaper) converts polygonal models to boundary representation (b-rep) bodies
  • C3D Visualization Module (C3D Vision) performs detailed visualization of geometric models and provides interaction with the interface of CAD systems
  • C3D Convertion Module (C3D Converter) imports and exports a variety of geometric data from and to third-party applications

All C3D modules can be used standalone, or together as a unified whole.

The C3D kernel benefits application developers as they carry out the following functions in building their software:

  • Improve the productís functional capabilities
  • Quickly create 3D products based on existing 2D design systems
  • Reduce the cost of development significantly
  • Enhance the reliability and speed of software products